t: 402.438.4800  f: 402.438.4827  e: Email Click Here w: drshoemakers.com a: 4800 West O St - Lincoln, NE 68528 1954 - Don Shoemaker was discharged from the Air Force and along with his wife Yvonne moved to Ventura, California to join Don’s Dad, Harley C., and Brother, Harley G., in starting their family owned truck station business on HWY 101. In those days “The 101” was a small three lane road. Now, it is upwards of 16 lanes in places and still not wide enough. 1961- Citing the success in Ventura, the Shoemaker family invests in a second truck stop, run by Harley G., location on HWY 66 in Gallup, New Mexico. 1966 - Due to near-simultaneous road expansion on HWY 101 and HWY 66, which bypassed both Shoemaker’s Stations, the family closed both locations. 1967 - The Shoemaker brothers moved to Nebraska, buying their current corner on West “O” St from Skelly Oil out of Des Moines. At that time diesel sold for $.22 per gallon and I-80 stopped at Grand Island. Harley C (dad) decided he had enough moving around and stayed in California. 1984-Roger sold his interest in Shoemaker’s Truck Station to Harley and Don. At this time it was decided that it would be easier to have one person operate the Station and Don leased the property to Harley. 1985 - Don and his son, Randy, built the Cobbler Inn behind the current Shoemaker’s location, and is still operating it today. 1987 - Anne, Randy’s wife, enjoys several stints working at the Cobbler Inn, jumping in where needed and bowing out when things were well under control. 2001 - Harley announces his withdrawal from the partnership with Don. July 1, 2009 - Don and Randy Shoemaker began operating Don and Randy Shoemaker’s Truck Station in the current location – the same place Don and his brothers started out in Nebraska in 1967.  Don and Randy Shoemaker’s Truck Station will provide the home-cooked meals, snacks, and service that customers have come to expect from a premium truck station, and will work with Phillips 66 to provide a range of high quality petroleum products. Ventura, CA - 1954, The First Location